Deck Season Extensions

As the season comes to a close and the garden’s occupants seek refuge within. You may find yourself facing an empty deck or porch, with some furniture that is not expecting another guest for many months. Don’t be too hasty to pack away your outdoor comforts; there are some easy ways you can keep your deck ready for guests at any time – even throughout the winter! Extend deck season with some of these tips.


  1. First, collect all of your outdoor furnishings, pots, and hanging plants into the center of the space; this will make it easier for them to dry if necessary.Decking Season
  2. If needed (meaning they aren’t already), use a hose with high pressure on both sides of each piece of furniture – paying special attention to folds in cushions and the undersides of furniture.
  3. Make sure both sides are dry before covering them up to protect against rusting or corrosion, then fold them away on shelves or in closed rooms. If you have an attached greenhouse it might be useful for keeping pieces safe from the elements over the winter months.
  4. When placing potted plants inside, make sure their drainage holes are not blocked by dead leaves or soil – this would cause water to pool and potentially damage your deck during freezing temperatures. You can also place a few stones at the bottom of each pot’s drainage hole to keep them open year-round. Before you put them away, take note of any foliage that is wilting or turning yellow; these plants will need more direct sunlight when they are put back outside in the spring.
  5. If you plan to be using your deck during the winter months, consider heating cables that will provide warmth without the use of flames or torches – making it safer for pets and children to enjoy as well! These can often run along railings so they are out of sight, but still, keep everyone warm – if not even hot after dark! For more information, see page three or two other articles on this subject. You can also call us today to extend deck season today.
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